Holistic Education

The major advantage of being part of the Pedagogy of Interdisciplinary Science Education (POISE) is the holistic curriculum that is curated for the cohort. To best align our curriculum to our core values, the pace of the curriculum is focused on student-centered teaching. As such, there are no strict timelines since some material may take more time for learners to process and internalize.

Ideally, new material will span 2 sessions: the first session introduces and discusses the content and the second applies & refines it through group exercise and evaluation.

In Phase 1, we believe that the best way to "teach the teacher" is for them to "learn how to learn". In this phase, a wide range of learning theories will be introduced, discussed, and exercised.

In Phase 2, the cohort will use their Phase 1 knowledge to apply it to real-world course design and management.

Lastly, Phase 3 expands upon the 2 previous phases by exploring contemporary and socially-aware teaching techniques to further instill our student-centered core value.