Congrats to Cohort 1

Congratulations to Cohort 1 for completing your POISE training

As the pilot cohort of POISE, the trainees of this cycle experienced firsthand training on the ever-evolving curriculum that POISE had to offer. Additionally, this cohort enthusiastically offered a constant stream of feedback that will continue to shape future iterations of POISE.

We cannot thank this group enough for their generous giving of both time and attention. Gladly, though, we can give them a nice bullet point to their CVs and Certificates of Completion.

While we had a 100% completion rate, below are images of some of our trainees when they came to pick up their certificates. Thank you again.

Gwendolyn Burgess

Nicole Clark

Joshua Lott

Allyson Munneke

Eli Olson

Ariel McShane